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Any review marked with an * in the title is an item which I have been gifted in the interest of writing a review. I will not accept something if I feel it will not work well with my blog and/or it is not something which I myself would purchase normally. Despite receiving the item free of charge, my review will still be impartial and thusly may be negative, please keep this in mind if you wish to send me something.


All opinions and thoughts featured on this blog are entirely my own (or that of the guest writer). I own most of the photographs on this blog, however, if you own the copyright to content on this blog and would like it removed, or credited, please contact me. If you wish to use any images from this blog, please credit it to both here and

Some links on this blog may be affiliate links, which I benefit from, however, this will never sway my opinions. All reviews I write are my honest opinions, no product will change this just because it has been sent to me.

! I do not accept compensation in return for a guaranteed positive review !

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