Founded in 2015, Guffogg The Geek is our little space on the internet to share our love of all things photography and geekery. It houses articles, product reviews, interviews, and some randomness...basically, anything and everything that's either photography related, geeky, or we find interesting will make it's way to these pages.

Meet The Team

Ian Guffogg
(founder & principal writer of nonsense)

Originally from a little town in West Yorkshire with the oh so original name Littletown (technically a village, but it was referred to as a town!), Ian now resides in Bolton, Lancashire...an actual town. They can't get city status.

He's a husband, a full time carer, impressively economical with his energy usage, more of a fan of food and coffee than he should be, a photographer, and a geek...hence the highly imaginative blog name.

Jan Guffogg
(proof reader & person responsible for making sure Ian stays on point)

Born and raised in Bolton, Lancashire, Jan is a fellow geek (admittedly, not a photography geek), a lover of music, and despite Steven Moffat's best efforts, a card carrying Whovian.

Obsessed with reading from a young age, Jan now proofreads posts to make sure Ian's thoughts are as coherent as possible. From time to time you may see little purple notes from Jan pop up within posts.

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