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Where When How Wednesday - Kyran Edmund Ambrose

Welcome to 'Where When How Wednesday'. In these weekly posts I'll be interviewing creatives about their journey into the creative world, their works, and what makes them tick. This week I'm interviewing Liverpool based photographic model, Kyran Edmund Ambrose.

Photographer - Amanda E

Hi Kyran. Thank you for taking a little time to answer some questions for me. How is it you found yourself in the modelling world?

'Well, one of my friends is a fashion designer and she actually was the one who introduced me to the site PurplePort. From then I met some people who really helped me develop a passion for it.'

Ah. So, do you model your friends designs for her?

'No, I do not model my friends designs as she is a female latex designer'

I suspect, if you were to ask Joe public what sprang to mind if you said "model", due to things like the media's portrayal of the modelling world, most would pretty quickly say female. How have you found people react when, as a male, you tell them you model?

'Honestly? People's reactions have been rather positive. I suppose because they see I like doing it. In addition, the modelling I do is more fashion/couple related which they have responded well to.'

Photographer - 2020,  Taken At - John Ayliffe's 

Keeping with the theme of people's reactions to your modelling. There are a lot of misconceptions that surround female models. As a male model have you come across any misconceptions?

'As a male model, I suppose there is a misconception that we just shoot underwear. Similarly to females who are perceived to just shoot lingerie.'

Photographer - Christian Scott,  Other Model - Naila Ahmed

I believe that as well as modelling you are, amongst other things, musically inclined. Is this singing? Instruments? Both?

'Yes, I like to sing, play piano and drums. Performed in a number of concerts and competitions which I have loved.'

Do you have a song, or piece of music that is your "go to" piece if you're asked to perform?

'Ha-ha, yes generally there are a couple of pieces/songs that I would perform if they were required. Hero by Enrique Iglesias, and If I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars.'

Photographer - John Ayliffe

Within your portfolio you state you have a passion for clothing, style and fashion. Whilst I'm not too bad at putting outfit ideas together for future shoots, and I can appreciate nice clothes, I'm not really one for fashion and following the latest "trends" (shocking I know coming from the guy who wears jeans and superhero t-shirts most of the time!). What is it about fashion you like so much?

'I suppose it's not so much the fashion, rather I like to look and dress with a bit of style. The reason for this is because it makes me feel better which subsequently gives my day that extra little boost. But regarding trends, I do not really follow anyone or thing, I dress in my own way.'

Photographer - John Ayliffe

Speaking of fashion trends. Within fashion, as with things like photography and make up, there are those trends you look back on and wonder why on earth you took part. Is there any of those lurking in your past?

'Oh yes. There are many many occasions in which I look back at photographs and literally 'cringe' aha! At the time I thought it was very cool. One of which I had some sort of lace / net thing which wasn't great..'

I hope you understand, I have to ask this, for my readers... A lace/net there pictures?

'There are pictures of it, however, I have not published any of them on my portfolio.'

Photographer - Cardoso Photographer

Not really related to your modelling. But at the same time it's not trying to make you admit your past fashion faux pas, so... You're having a dinner party, it's a small affair, you invite three people (living or deceased), who do you invite and why?

'Oh this is very tough! However it would have to be, Johnny Depp as he is my all time favourite actor and seems like such a cool person. Jimi Hendrix as I am completely fascinated by his music and guitar skills! The last would be Margot Robbie. I think she is one of the most beautiful women who is also a fantastic actress!'

Margot killed it as Harley Quinn in my eyes, shame about most of the rest of the film... What's your favourite Margot performance?

'I thought that Margot in Suicide Squad was fantastic (despite what others say about the movie), but also in Focus and Wolf of Wall Street.'

Photographer - Jamie Dannunzio Photography

Modelling advice tends to be geared towards female models. Have you received any good advice for your modelling career? Do you have any advice you'd give to aspiring male models?

'I have not been given much advice as a model. However I have been doing lots of research myself. I know how the system works (with regards to agencies and money), but this area is very convoluted and there are not as many opportunities for male models. If I were to give advice to aspiring male models, I'd ask two questions. 1) How determined are you to model? and 2) What style are you wanting to go into?'

Photographer - Tabitha Boydell,  Other Model - Jasmine Sumner

If people want to see more of you and your work, where should they check out?

'Check out my PurplePort or Instagram'

Photographer - Fenita

Last, but by no means least... What's your favourite joke?

'Hmm.. a man walks into a bar... ouch...'

I'd like to thank Kyran again for taking the time to answer a few questions for me, be sure to check out all the links above for more of his work, as well as the links attached to the images for the other creatives involved in creating them.


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