Friday, 6 January 2017

Foto Inspiration Friday - Lawrence Schiller Quote

Welcome to 'Foto Inspiration Friday', the series in which I not only use a rarely used alternate spelling of photo for the sake of alliteration, but I share with you anything and everything I find inspirational, be it a person, an image, a song, a quote, a place, a pizza...ok, maybe not a pizza but you get the point.

When it came to losing famous faces, 2016 was a crapstorm of a year. It seemed to be that barely a month could go by without someone from the entertainment world passing away.

When a celebrity passes away, news outlets (and the Daily Mail), in the hopes of getting some juicy titbit, hound anyone with any form of connection to the deceased, be they loved ones, or a pretzel vendor who once sold them a can of Coca Cola. Last year was particularly busy for this, and in December, when the world lost both Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, media outlets got to work yet again hunting for every Tom, Dick, and Harry they could find.

Ordinarily, when these stories show up, I tend to avoid them. I have no interest in finding out someone who's work I admired had issues with haemorrhoids, or they once cut someone up in traffic. However, when my wife Jan, aka Proof Reading Wife (helloooooooo! - PRW), showed me an article about Lawrence Schiller (photographer, producer, director, writer) shooting a young Carrie Fisher watching her mother perform, I gave it a look. It's a lovely little article (the NY Times original, not the cut and shut Daily Mail version!) about Carrie's love and admiration of her mother.

Within the article is a quote (finally to the point of my post!) from Schiller that I quite like...

"You're waiting for the moment in which something you've seen is illustrated. And then you don't even stop and think. The image is there and your camera is like a sponge to absorb the moment."


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