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Guffogg's Guest - Artemis Fauna

Welcome to 'Guffogg's Guest', formally known as 'Where When How Wednesday'. The series in which I interview creatives about their journey into the creative world, their works, and what makes them tick. This week I'm interviewing Wiltshire based model, Artemis Fauna.

Hi Artemis. Thank you for taking a little time to answer some questions for me. How is it you found yourself in the modelling world?

'Hello Ian/everyone,

I'm actually very nervous to do this interview. I have never done anything like it before...but I suppose I have put it off long enough now-! Gulp..!

Well, I get asked this quite a lot (I think it's probably THE most asked question in this bubble) but the story goes like so;

In 2009 I was on holiday in the South Of France with some uni friends. One of the girls out there saw some images of me on facebook. They were images from one those overly expensive makeovers you can have done, you know the ones... and she asked me if I had ever thought about being a model! (I probably choked on my cornflakes at this point and laughed my head off at the idea) but for whatever reason I let her sign me up to Purestorm that day just to make her happy.

Image from Artemis' expensive makeover photoshoot

Within hours my inbox was full, I very quickly learnt this is what happens when a new model clicks the 'shoots nude' box!! Within a few days I had dodged most of the wierdo's (sadly not all) and booked in my first ever shoot, an outdoor nude shoot. Total madness really- I had never stood nude in front of anyone as an adult but something told me it was a good idea-!

I actually nearly cancelled my first shoot due to nerves. I woke up that morning and it suddenly hit me how totally CRAZY the idea was! I was about to drive 80 miles get naked for a total stranger, what the bloody heck was I doing?!

Anyway, I went to the shoot...and the rest is history I suppose.'

(Exclusive-ish...possibly) Image from Artemis' first ever shoot

Of all the things I could pick up on within that answer to ask about...in a world that includes things like Sugar Puffs and Coco Pops, Cornflakes? Really?

'Haha, OK OK. Coco Pops are pretty awesome, better than Cornflakes, for sure. I kinda want some now actually...'

I believe you've been busy with many things this past 12 months, including travelling internationally quite a bit. Where have you found yourself visiting this past year?

'Yes! This year... where the blummin heck has it gone!? I know people say this every year but honestly, it's terrifying how quickly it goes! Doesn't help that a lot of us full time models have to book up months in advance so it feels like our year goes even faster! My 2018 diary is already mad- with no totally free weekends until November 2018!!

This year has, I think, been my most 'international' (If you can call it that) ever. From May-October I visited EIGHT different countries. Portugal, Cyprus, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, India, Morocco and Fuerteventura. 

Portugal and Fuerteventura were the locations for mine and IainT's luxury all- inclusive photographic trips. Something we jointly came up with back in 2015...and something we have noticed has become a quite a popular 'theme' in the purple land in the last year or so...Say no more...)

Photographer - Paul GH Photography,  Other Model - Carla Monaco

Photographer - Iain T,  Other Model - Carla Monaco

Photographer - GaryMac Photographer,  Other Model - Scarlett Fox

Photographer - Terry V,  Other Model - Scarlett Fox

Cyprus with with Eyas- a very last minute idea to shoot out there for a week in June- on my 28th birthday too! But I didn't mind, who would when you can eat your own body weight in moussaka, go for a swim in the crystal clear sea and shoot until the golden sun dips below the cerulean sea.

Photographer - Eyas

Photographer - Eyas

Wales, Ireland and Scotland were part of my usual yearly tours. I often disappear for 2-3 weeks on these as there is just so much to fit in! I like touring, despite how exhausting it can be!

Photographer - Ceri Vale

Photographer - Colm Edwards

Photographer - John McNairn

India was quite the adventure! KenP asked me months ago if I would be interested in travelling there with him and I said yes! I have wanted to go to India for years and years so it was amazing to get the opportunity! We created some incredible images out there and the 10 days went by too fast. It was an utterly brilliant experience.

Photographer - Ken P,  Post Processing - Tuppence
Photographer - Ken P

If you wish to see more images from India, please CLICK HERE

Morocco was a kind of mini scout for a possible luxury trip in 2019. Eyas more or less sorted the trip for me while I was in India and when out there we did our best to shoot in the MANIC streets of Marrakech and just explore! We came back with some fabulous images.

Photographer - Eyas

Photographer - Eyas

To mix it up we also hired the Photojournalist 'Suzanne Porter' and she took us to the real back streets and tanneries of Marrakech to do some street photography! New genre to me, and I was super rusty with my camera... but I loved it (once I got over the fear of pointing my camera at strangers-!!)

Artemis' Marrakech photography

Artemis' Marrakech photography

Artemis' Marrakech photography

I have been really lucky this year with all the places I have visited but it's been totally manic! Not only did I travel a lot I also moved home in July (which was a real life change for me as it's the first time I have had my own place) that and fighting three chest infections since July...But I just keeeeeep plodding on.'

I'm glad you mentioned your photographic trips, now I can invite you (and/or Iain T) to write a behind the scenes article about one of them. As a prequel to that, what do attendees to one of your trips get?

'Id love to do that, when I next get a few days off!

I'm going to go bold here. I down play a lot of what I do as no one likes gloaty smug mug, do they!! I also find talking about myself in a positive way kinda embarrassing at times- this interview is the most I have ever talked about myself- I really hope I don't put people off!!! (It's good to be confident about doing your job but no one needs it shoved down their throat, haha) BUT seeing as you have asked me the question...I'm going to be brave!

In this 'bubble' our Luxury All- Inclusive photographic trips are, quite simply, the best money can buy.

Iain and I were the brains behind the initial idea- which seems so simple (now) yet no one at the time had done it! There were loads of trips abroad being run, many well established glamour orientated ones that had been running for years but no one appeared to be running anything 'all inclusive' or 'luxurious' so between us we figured we would give it a go and see if there was any interest. 

We quickly figured that people were VERY interested and they would pay that bit extra to get what we were offering, happy days!

I am stubborn- so is Iain. Unlike most people out there we will go above and beyond to give 100% perfection on the trips we run. We pride ourselves on this and will bend over backwards to make it happen. We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Why? Because we want our photographers to get the best experience possible. We truly care. 

Iain is the personal chef and Chauffeur and I do the organising, booking, research and of course, the modelling out there. We spend days finding locations, the best villas we can to make sure that when the photographers land they do nothing but enjoy themselves and take tones of incredible images.

We book the best, most versatile models we can. Carla Monaco, Scarlett Fox, Ayla Rose and Ivory Flame have joined us already/ will be joining us next year.

Photographers booking on get the following;

~Two of the UK’s top models
~Three days, three nights (or longer on our extended trips)
~Up to six hours a day shooting
~On hand photographic help from widely published glamour photographer IainT
~Shooting opportunities around the gorgeous 5* Villas we book
~Great locations pre-scouted 
~Socialising time, a very relaxed friendly atmosphere
~Breakfast, lunch and dinner included (we have our own chef!) Fresh local produce and wines.
~Bottomless (!) drinks (wine, G+T’s, beer, soft drinks, water- anything you like)
~Amazing accommodation 
~Pool (underwater shooting)
~Your own private room and en suite bathroom where possible.
~Air-conditioned van during the trip (our own chauffeur!)
~Unique themed shoots (a creative touch to our trips. We have, so far, styled shoots based on; David Hamilton, Helmut Newton and Jack Vettriano)
~Transfers to and from the airport sorted
~Shooting in pairs or 1-2-1- so quality shooting time. This is not a huge group shoot as it's ONLY FOUR photographers per trip. 
~We cover almost everything so unless you wish to shop- there are NO extra costs to cover.

I adore running these trips, the buzz it gives me it quite addictive! It's not easy by any means but the sense of satisfaction it leaves me with is huge. It makes me really happy. Thank you to everyone who has supported us!'

BTS of Artemis & Ian's awesome trips

BTS of Artemis & Ian's awesome trips

BTS of Artemis & Ian's awesome trips

BTS of Artemis & Ian's awesome trips

If you wish to see more behind the scenes images from Artemis & Iain's trips, please CLICK HERE

Speaking of travelling. If, on a long journey to a shoot you watched a film to pass the time, what film would you choose?

'Hmm, well I drive to shoots as I have a stupid phobia of public transport (blame my parents moving me to the middle of no where at 16) so that wouldn't quite work! But on a long plane journey I always go straight to the horror films! I don't do 'cuddly or girly' movies I'm afraid, I always seem to go for horrors or thrillers! To be fair though, I'm not overly fussy so put a glass of red in my hand and some pretzels and I will watch most movies.'

It's always great when I get to geek out extra hard when doing one of my interviews, and as you've mentioned one of my other passions, horror films, I get to right now... Which horror films are your favourites/go to films?

'Hmm, I'm not really a watch the same film over and over kinda girl. But I guess my most watched film as an adult is probably Pans Labrinth!! I love that film. It's so dark, and gets me every damn time...'

Sometimes in my interviews I've asked participants what they do when they're not shooting. I suspect you don't have much free time having seen how much you work, so instead...if you weren't a model, what would you be?

'Free time? What is that? No seriously...I actually had to google it.

Hmm, free time. Well, when I don't have a shoot, and I do have 'me' time...I do like a bit of a cheeky lie in. I suck at sleeping (brain never stops) but oh boy can I lounge about in bed in the mornings at times. I like to edit images- when my laptop works fast enough, I like to collect up photography books from charity shops, I like food, red wine. I visit friends when I can but I do wish I had more free time.

Realising now I was greedy and started answering both questions...Oh well...

If I wasn't a model. Gosh, I honestly don't know! I studied Fine Art at uni, got my first class degree (only one in my class, ahem) so I guess I might have done a masters. I might have just got a normal job and been packing your bags in a super market! Who knows. I do love cats so always said if I failed at life I would use my money to set up a really cool cattery hotel and become a crazy cat woman.'

Photographer - Jon Downs

I've also asked this a few times of interviewees with hundreds of positive references on PurplePort. You however have well over one thousand, so I have to ask, what's the secret to your success?

'I must admit, knowing I was the first UK model to hit 1,000 positive references totally made my week a few months ago when it happened. Yeah, I know #Loser but I don't care. 

I share my secrets to success far too much- that's my problem (LOL) but I'm not sure my own success is really any kind of exciting secret.

I guess I have always been a bit old fashioned in my ways. I treat people how I would like to be treated and IMHO there isn't enough of this in our bubble. So many people are just out for themselves and I kinda hate that. It's an ugly trait in people (selfishness)

I am far from perfect (obviously!) but I pride myself in putting others before yours truly and treating people well. It's really not hard- but it seems to be a rare trait these days. I think this (crazy as it sounds) makes some people stand out more than others- so that is my main 'secret' I guess, which feels like a cop out as that should be normal!

I may not be the tallest, the best looking, have the best skin or hair but I am nice, genuine and a good model. Shock horror- people like nice genuine people, hahaha.

I'm also stubborn. When I was new all I got was "you can't" "you will fail" "You are not model material" "You can't do glamour, so don't bother" "you look butch" "your figure is no good for most genres" blah blah blah...

Each and every time I was told these things it made me more determined to prove the bastards wrong. Don't ever tell me I cant, because I will make sure I can.

So my secrets to success appear to pretty much be that I'm a stubborn, but nice person. I guess being creative, a good communicator, down to earth, fun and having a genuine passion for my job helps though.'

Photographer - Paul GH Photography

Some of your works have seen you nude in popular beauty spots such as the banks of Loch Ness. Whilst shooting have you ever found yourself "caught" by someone? Be they dog walkers, ramblers, a minibus full of care home patients on an day trip?

'Now here comes the biggest shock of all. I'm actually really shy!! I can honestly be like a meercat on something when I am modelling on location as I literally have nightmares about being caught out, hahahaha!

I have had several close calls over the years, maybe a couple of people half walking in on me trying to get my head through the arm bit of my knitted dress...But no full on "Oh shit" moments (unless I was so traumatised I blocked them out!!)

I think when you are with a group of people (like on the trips I host) it's not so bad as you have the 'pack' with you but if it's just 1-2-1 it feels more like you are doing something wrong and I get nervous! Haha. 

I make sure photographers do test shots first so you are not sat about naked and I also work pretty quickly. The Loch Ness shot with IainT was taken in October! I said come sun, snow or sleet I would get naked on the banks of the Loch and we got a stunningly sunny and warm day! 

Photographer - Iain T,  Other Model - Nessie (sort of)

Some locations, like this one with Imagesse- it was 0 degrees, there was ice on the floor and three blokes setting up camp just the other side of the rock. I was scared (and FREEZING) but I saw an opportunity (here's where the stubbornness comes in) and I wanted to get the shot, so just did it, and got the scar to prove it as I gouged my ankle on the way down, blood...everywhere...'

Photographer - Imagesse

"come sun, snow or sleet"...you got very lucky it didn't end up going The Day After Tomorrow on you. Touching on this and the earlier question about traveling, is there anywhere, either a specific location or a country as a whole that you'd love to shoot in?

'Oh man, I want to go everywhere!! I went to the USA for two weeks back in 2014 with some friends and we shot out there and the first place we stopped was the Valley of Fire. God I felt so at home there and the two days just wasn't enough. I have wanted to go back there ever since I left!! I fell in love.

I can't even begin to write out a list, I honestly want to go everywhere. Cuba is close to the top of the list, Chernobyl...Chefchaouen in Morocco...Lots of C's!! Oh, gosh, anywhere and everywhere!!'

Photographer - Amelia Roslyn

Photographer - Amelia Roslyn

Photographer - Amelia Roslyn

If people want to see more of your work, or book a shoot with you, where should they visit?

'I do upload a lot of BTS stuff to my instagram- it's the best place to see what fun I get up to on shoots

I occasionally try my hand at being 'cool' and post on twitter...

I have a website (but I never update it as me and technology don't often see eye to eye)

I'm on facebook, but don't update it that much

Well I use Purpleport more than any other so it's the best platform to catch me on.

Speaking of PurplePort...damn, my segways are, well they're still clunky...I believe you had a hand in the creation of PurplePort?

'I most certainly did. History can be re-written but you can't get rid of me that easy.

I won't go into too much detail but yes, back in 2009 Russ and I started up PurplePort. I will always add straight away that I never had any 'hands on' AKA coding input into the website but I was there on day one. I helped nurture ideas, be an admin from time to time, find people that wanted to be part of PP, draw up ideas, scribble notes- I even designed purplebot- the little dude that hands out your FPI's! Oh and there used to be a time, waaaay back, I was the only person that gave out FPI's! How things change, grow and evolve. The reason we set up PP was because we wanted a "better place" a place where admin weren't faceless scary people, a place that embraced the 'now' and didn't feel old fashioned. I think PP is mostly this, and has obviously gone from strength to strength so it's been interesting to watch it change over the years. My involvement in PP came to an end back in 2013, but I was there at the beginning of it all and most certainly helped PP get going in it's early days and become what it is today.'

It's that time of year, so, the obligatory Christmas question...what do you do at Christmas? What are your favourite things about it?

Hmm, Christmas questions! Well, I guess it is Christmas after all. Nothing ever really beats Christmas as a child does it? I swear every year it get a bit more hard work and a bit more of an effort to truly feel Christmassy, LOL. But I'm no scrooge! I swear.

I usually go down to see my family at Christmas time. My parents, sister and grandparents on my mums side, oh and the cat, Toby. I'm not overly close to my family really (I should put more time aside to see them- and they should to see me) so it's a time of year we all make the effort to spend some time together.

I usually head down on Christmas eve and stay a couple of nights...Over eat, over drink, fall asleep at the TV watching 'It's a wonderful life' YET again... (the usual)

My favorite things? Hmmm, the smells I think! Haha, I love Christmassy smells! I think Christmas can feel a bit romantic too sometimes, cuddling up, being cozy etc etc. I like the way it seems to cheer people up a bit, the warm knitted clothing, the twinkle of the Christmas lights, the delicious food, the red wine...the cheese!!

I actually really like buying people presents too! It makes me feel good and I enjoy wrapping them up in brown parcel paper with string and then putting them under the tree.'

Lastly, then I'll leave you to get back to your Christmas festivities, what's your favourite joke?

'Can you name the four members of the cat family..?
Mummy cat, daddy cat and their two kittens...
Yeah, I suck at jokes. I will stick to the modelling, for now...'

'Thank you Ian for getting in touch with me for this interview. I know I put it off for almost a year, but I'm glad I got a bit of time over the Christmas break to do it. I just hope I didn't bore everyone to death!!

Merry Christmas to you ALL and a very Happy New year!
Artemis Fauna'

I'd like to thank Artemis again for taking the time to answer a few questions for me, be sure to check out all the links above for more of her work, as well as the links attached to the images for the other creatives involved in creating them.


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Guffogg's Guest - Ben Moorhouse

Welcome to 'Guffogg's Guest', formally known as 'Where When How Wednesday'. The series in which I interview creatives about their journey into the creative world, their works, and what makes them tick. This week I'm interviewing Dunstable based retoucher, Ben Moorhouse.

Model - Freyja Phoria

Hi Ben. Thank you for taking a little time to answer some questions for me. How is it you found yourself tinkering with peoples images?

'I’ve always been into photography, and used to “edit” my photos but it was literally just using sliders in whatever program I was using. When I was doing wedding videos with a friend, one couple only wanted photos doing instead of video. Of course we said yes, no problem. Taking the photos was fine, but then it came to editing. After reading reviews I signed up to Adobe and got the photographers pack with Photoshop and Lightroom in it. 

It was a bit of a crash course in LR, but it got me started. From then I started getting more in to photo editing, mainly just going back over my old ones. I always used LR if possible. I had ventured PS before, but it was so complex and different to what I’m used to, I tried not to use it. Looking back, I should have definitely opened it sooner as now I much prefer working with it. 

I had a shoot with a model from Purpleport who recommended it to me. After signing up and putting some castings out for free editing, I found I had a knack for it and now do it as much as possible.'

Possibly a risky, polarising question, but, what's your editing programme(s) of choice?

'Currently the Adobe suite. I use PS and LR for photo editing, but Premiere and After Effects for video editing for my day job. I have recently got a Wacom graphics tablet, and am planning on getting some drawing programs for that, but that needs to be researched once I’m a bit better with freehand drawing with it, or when I have free time.'

Most things over time change and develop. Since starting, how has your work changed?

'It’s improved exponentially. I came across my old Myspace page that had some photos I “edited” and they are as you would expect. How I could have thought they were good at the time is beyond me. Even in the past year though, and especially since learning PS and using the tablet, I’m doing my best work yet. Considering how reluctant I was to open PS, it’s been an absolute game changer. I wouldn’t have dreamed about doing this kind of work a year ago. I’m also doing more of my own photoshoots, something I never did before. I’m building props and learning new techniques to try and create some really cool stuff.'

Have you had a go at, or do you think you'll ever have a go at editing your old work to see how it looks with all you've learnt since?

'I haven't yet. There's a few that I think I'd like to go back to and see what I can do now. Some of my really old projects have been lost though due to old hard drive problems, but certainly the projects from the last 2-3 years I would to revisit. Lessons were learnt and everything is backed up twice now. Some photos I took I may not be able to improve on much, when I started out everything was a big learning curve, so the raw images certainly weren't as good as they would be now.'

For your work, where do you find your inspiration?

'All sorts of places. I watch a lot of anime and that's always a good source, lots of scifi/cyberpunk. But it depends on what the image is I’m trying to do. For one photo shoot I did of my friend dressed as Jesus, I spent a good few days looking at renaissance and religious paintings. Currently I’m doing research for a new project I want to do involving a sort of crowned alien goddess. On top of the anime, I try and read as much as I can, William Gibson, Alfred Bester and Philip K Dick are my favourite authors. Books, films, computer games, music, inspiration can come from anywhere. Anything can randomly put a thought in your head and it grows and evolves the more you think about it.'

Model - Freyja Phoria

You mentioned it so despite the un-photography nature of the question, I can geek out a bit and ask it in good conscience...What's your favourite computer game? I'll accept current favourite if "of all time" is too hard!

'Depends how far you want to go back. I'm 33, and have been playing games since the 80s, such as Doom, Gauntlet and Wolfenstein. I don't think I have an absolute favourite, but Bioshock, Metal Gear Solid (on the PS1), Half Life, and the Fallout series are amazing. I recently tried speedrunning Resident Evil 2 with a friend to see if I still could. That was a great game. Most games nowadays can't compete with the older generation. Save for ones like The Last of us and Heavy Rain, everything is just cookie cutter, same old tedium.'

Model - Freyja Phoria

On an almost daily basis image sharing sites and apps like Instagram contain many editing blunders. Obviously you don't now, but, have you ever made any silly blunders in an edit?

'Ha. I still do, but it seems to be on my own work. When editing pics there’s a lot of checking to make sure everything is ok. With mine, I get to a point that’s possibly the end and say “yep, that’s good”, then later once it's been through LR or is uploaded I notice maybe a bit of green that wasn’t removed from the green screen, or a smoke effect ends where I didn’t warp something far enough. By the time I notice it, it’s too late to go back, so I leave it as it is. Or for your readers I should say, I never make any mistakes and everything I do is always perfect.'

In one of my smoother segways... Speaking of Instagram blunders, one of the most prevalent is the "wobbly lines" associated with the thinning of body parts. In the past I've made my feelings on this subject known, but as someone who edits images of people more often than I do, I'd be interested to know yours. What's your stance on thinning people with post processing? Do you do it? Do you outright refuse? Do you refuse if asked by the photographer but oblige if asked by the model? Do you only do it if needed for an uber-stylised effect?

'That’s a difficult one. I do do it, but it's not a common thing I do on every photo I work on. Certainly, for stylised shots where it’s called for, it's not an issue for me. I’ve been asked by photographers to slim parts of a model, under their requests. Bring a waist in a bit, or make a bum a bit firmer, but the full on head to toe body reshaping I wouldn't be comfortable doing. People should comfortable with their bodies, but from the perspective of a photo retoucher, and I don’t want it to come across like I’m a scumbag, I wouldn’t get work if people were fully comfortable with themselves. People are what they are, they have their blemishes and scars, but I can remove those and create the illusion of perfection, just for one image. However, I think it’s best to deal with it on a picture by picture basis, or client by client basis and see what works best for the image.'

I think the fact that your body retouching is upon the request of the model rather than media pushing an image, and that you want people to be comfortable in themselves, keeps you away from scumbag status. I hope the answer is no, but talking about the likes of Instagram retouching I have to ask. Have you ever received a retouching request that warranted the response "no...just, no!"?

'I haven't yet, but you never know what the next request will bring!'

If people want to see more of your work, or use your services, where should they go?

'Currently I have my work on Purpleport and Instagram. I am in the process of doing a website, but things always come up and delay it.

They can find me on PP and Instagram ben_moorhouse_photography or can email me benmoorhousemedia@gmail.com'

Model - Freyja Phoria

Lastly, what's your favourite joke?

'Ha. I couldn’t possibly say, it might offend your more innocent readers.'

I'd like to thank Ben again for taking the time to answer a few questions for me, be sure to check out all the links above for more of his work, as well as the links attached to the images for the other creatives involved in creating them.


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Guffogg's Guest - Em Theresa

Welcome to 'Guffogg's Guest', formally known as 'Where When How Wednesday'. The series in which I interview creatives about their journey into the creative world, their works, and what makes them tick. This week I'm interviewing Milton Keynes based model, Em Theresa.

Photographer - JTD-Photography,  Taken At - Natural Light Spaces

Hi Em. Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for me. Normally at this point I'd ask about modelling, but in planning for this interview one question came to me that I need to ask first... How does someone decide to try fire eating? Did you have a particularly bad meal one time and think to yourself "I never want to taste food again"?

'The fire performing is actually largely my partner’s fault – I take him to a lot of circus shows, and he particularly likes the fire performances. While I have been injured too badly to do professional aerial training in the past 3 years, I figured why not try fire as it is something we can do together and another string to my circus-y bow after I recover and return to aerial training. It tastes about as good as you expect and the paraffin aftertaste lasts a good few hours afterwards!'

Photographer - ManCave

Back on track...it probably won't last... How did you come to find yourself a model?

'I came to modelling relatively late, at 27. I started off as an aerialist (which I also started relatively late at 24!) and got my very first modelling job with London College of Fashion as a model/aerial hoop performer for a show 3 years ago. Afterwards I missed the creativity – but had torn both of my hamstrings leaving me unable to continue as a professional aerialist till I healed - so I looked into photo modelling. After paying for a portfolio building day, I joined PurplePort and nearly 3 years later here I am!'

Photographer - Iain T,  Taken At - Natural Light Spaces

I hope you don't mind, but out of the somewhat morbid curiosity many people have, I have to ask, what happened that resulted in the tearing of both your hamstrings?

'It was two separate incidents, both doing oversplits between aerial equipment. I tore one then moved on to splitting mainly on the other side and 6 months later tore than one as well. I was stretching very intensively, but doing no strengthening work on my legs and so they weren't strong enough to do unsupported splits (with both feet supported but nothing under my butt) - lesson learnt there! I've been in physio and seeing a PT twice a week for the past couple of years and my legs are much stronger now.'

Photographer - Orson Carter

A lot of models I've interviewed have a variety of styles within their portfolio. Yours however is possibly more varied than most. Was this variety something you always planned on having? Was it a case of you happened to try a style, liked it, then added it to the list? Was it photographers and other models telling you that your look would fit a certain style?

'Thank you! Variety is certainly something I have aimed for in my port and my shoots, so yes I would say it has been largely intentional. I love to have variety in my life, it is a big part of why I love this job so much, being able to do a different thing every day.'

Photographer - Iain T,  Taken At - Natural Light Spaces

Is there any style, theme, idea you haven't tried, but would like to? Maybe someone reading can help make it a reality!

'I have shot it before, but I like doing vintage/pinup and don't often get booked for it.'

Photographer - Drew Paul,  Taken At - Clayfield Images Studio

On PurplePort, at the time of writing this, you're coming up on 300 references, all positive (for non-PurplePort readers, think Yelp or Trip Advisor but with less bitchy restaurateurs). What's the secret to this success? Do you ply them with sweet treats? (FYI chocolate covered peanuts, M&M's or cheaper alternatives are fine!) Are 200 of them fake profiles? Or, and I suspect this is the case, boring answer as it is, are you just hard working?

'I’m still surprised by how well modelling took off for me to be honest, and really grateful that I have the opportunity to make a living doing what I love! If I had to guess I would say it is a combination of taking the business aspects of modelling, and my reputation as being reliable, very seriously – even right at the beginning. Having a slightly unusual set of skills and being a people-person have likely contributed as well I should think.'

Photographer - JTD-Photography

It has has been demonstrated by various videos on YouTube, creatives occasionally end up suffering for their art. Which brings me to your images 'Siren' and 'Once and For All', both of which took place around a rusty shipwreck. Whilst stunning, the images look like a tetanus shot waiting to happen. Did you have any mishaps shooting them? Or for that matter, have you had any mishaps befall you whilst shooting in general?

'Oh, the shipwreck shoot. That was an amazing experience, and getting down the cliff and onto the wreck was something we all approached with extreme care – but really it wasn’t as dangerous as it probably looks. My degrees are in geology, so climbing across rocky sea shores and climbing about on cliffs are familiar territory to me anyway. The trip organiser (JTD-Photography) had planned that shoot extensively too, including important things like tide times and the weather, and he and Blofeld walked ahead of us models as pathfinders. Brunutty and I were perfectly safe and neither of us had any mishaps.

I have had things go wrong on shoots, but largely of the “getting caught in the nude in public” kind rather than injuries! I’ve had bruises, blisters and burns from aerial kit, pointeshoes and fire but that sort of goes with the territory. I once tried a fire trick called ‘teething’ where you hold the lit wick between your teeth only. Except this was outside, and a gust picked up and blew the flame onto my upper lip and burnt me...so I am very careful now where I do fire!'

Photographer - Button Moon,  Taken At - Natural Light Spaces

Again, curiosity forces me to ask, what's the funniest instance of "getting caught in the nude in public” that has happened to you?

'It wasn't funny at the time, but quite early on I was shooting nude in a National Trust garden. It was very late in the day and there was no one else about except for a guy in a tractor in the next door field a few hundred meters away. I figured, well he probably can't see me and if he can he isn't likely to care. Unfortunately wrong on both counts...instead of walking over he decided to drive his tractor out of the field, around the clipped bushes and across the lawn to come scold us. I was wetting myself he would call the police but luckily he settled with a good tongue-lashing and throwing us off the site.'

Photographer - Boo Photos,  Taken At - Natural Light Spaces

Within your PurplePort profile you state that you model full time. Something that comes up a fair bit on internet forums is the whole going full time thing, be that modelling or photography. Do you have any advice for models who want to go full time?

'To be honest, at 3 years I still think of myself as fairly new – certainly compared to some of the big names out there. But, I think what I did do right from the very start that might have been really helpful was consider modelling as a business, and act accordingly. So as an example, I did a lot of research (read: lurking) on PurplePort and the other sites before announcing my presence, to find out exactly what is expected of a hired model. Equally I have only gone full time in the past year, at the end of my PhD funding period, which suited me well as it allowed me to learn the ropes whilst not being wholly reliant on modelling for income.'

Photographer - Arrow Photography London,  Taken At - Natural Light Spaces

Modelling can, and has been used at times to raise awareness for various issues and causes. If you could model to raise awareness for a cause or issue, what would it be?

'Yes, it can – and via the studio I co-own (Natural Light Spaces) we raise money for charities at our events; this coming Christmas party we are supporting Help For Heroes. For me personally, at some point I would like to arrange something to support the JR Oxford air ambulance and/or MIND or another mental health charity, I need to look into which one.'

Photographer - Lee Scorpion,  Taken At - Natural Light Spaces

All fine choices to help. When's this years Christmas party, and where can people find info, book tickets (if needed) etc?

'The studio party is the evening of the 2nd December, info and tickets can both be obtained by emailing: naturallightstudio@outlook.com there is a flyer on the studio facebook page as well.'

Photographer - Dag Nammett,  Make-Up - Heather Akernan,  Taken At - Natural Light Spaces

If people want to see more of your work, or book a shoot with you, where should they visit?

'Either my purpleport page: https://purpleport.com/portfolio/emtheresa
My website: www.emtheresamodel.com
Or Instagram: @emtheresa.model'

Photographer - Gary Smithdale,  Make-Up - Heather Akerman,  Taken At - Natural Light Spaces

Lastly, what's your favourite joke?

'Ah tricky, as I am more of a fan of one liners and (de)motivational quotes than jokes per se. My long-time favourite has to be “All things are possible, except skiing through a revolving door”. It just makes me smile.'

Photographer - JTD-Photography,  Taken At - Natural Light Spaces

I'd like to thank Em again for taking the time to answer a few questions for me, be sure to check out all the links above for more of her work, as well as the links attached to the images for the other creatives involved in creating them.

Photographer - Doug Watson,  Taken At - Natural Light Spaces