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Where When How Wednesday - Amy Coco

Welcome to 'Where When How Wednesday'. In these weekly posts I'll be interviewing creatives about their journey into the creative world, their works, and what makes them tick. This week I'm interviewing Amy Coco, a talented model based in Bolton, Lancashire.

Photographer - Flash Bang Wallop,  Make Up - The Velvet Unicorn

Hi Amy, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for me. We should probably start at the beginning...when and how did you come about getting into the world of modelling?

'When I was a toddler, my brother, aged 7, entered a modelling competition and won. He was signed by a child modelling agency who later took me on aged 3 after seeing me also. We both had white blonde hair and were extremely cute at the time. We modeled for magazines, banks, pub advertisements, TV adverts and holiday brochures, even travelling to Portugal once to shoot in the sun. We modeled throughout our childhood until my brother reached high school when my parents decided missing entire days of school often was no longer acceptable and maintained that our education was more important.

When I was 18 and studying in London I started to search online for modelling opportunities as people had always mentioned that my full lips and high cheekbones could serve me well as a model. I ended up meeting a photographer who wanted me to model at a motorbike show. Next I met a photographer in Liverpool who did my very first portfolio images and I loved them! I knew I wanted to pursue things further. It is then when I started to join online communities like Madcow Models and Purpleport, which really pushed my career, eventually leading to paid work.'

Photographer - Dave Edwards

Most things, especially online, tend to fall into specific genres and/or gets described as being a specific style. The trouble with this is it's quite subjective, the style someone views something to be can often differ to the style the person creating it views it as. How would you describe the work you are putting out there?

'I would describe my work as classy high fashion and editorial style fashion and lingerie modelling. I enjoy creating images that have elegance and class, an arty feel with emotion behind the images. I wouldn't like to create merely anything that can be found in your standard lads mag or on page 3 of tabloid newspapers. I have nothing against this style, however I prefer my work to be very tasteful.'

Photographer - Andy Park

Photography, modelling and their related skills, as with most things, can have their share of problems. I personally have a particular problem with self confidence. This confidence issue can and has caused me issues with my photography. Do you find any aspects of modelling particularly challenging?

'I too have issues with self confidence and self image. In some ways I would say that modelling has actually helped boost my levels of confidence and self esteem, especially when I have worked with very talented photographers who have helped create high quality images of me and I have thought to myself 'wow! I look good!'. Also when people are willing to pay me for my work it is always a confidence boost. However, being the centre of attention and looking back on images of myself can take it's toll with my self esteem. I can at times absolutely hate the way I look on certain images and feel that I am letting people down who are paying for my time. Although I do have to keep reminding myself that what I see a lot of the time differs from how others see me.'

Photographer - Leemo Rante,  Make Up - Chloe Louise Gorton

In my series 'Foto Inspiration Friday' I share the people, images, places etc that I find give me inspiration. Who, or what, or where do you draw inspiration from?

'I get lots of inspiration from Kate Moss and consider her my favourite model. I love her look and style and her rock star image has always been something I admire. Another inspiration for me is my photographer boyfriend Andy Park, who is extremely talented and creates images that I'd love to come out of every shoot with. I love his work and tend to strive to achieve similar work in terms of style and quality.'

Sometimes images hold a special significance to us. It can be the first image we ever made, it can be an image drawing attention to a cause close to our hearts, it can simply be an image of someone we love. Do you have an image or images that hold a special significance to you?

'During a photoshoot me and my brother were asked to act natural and just be ourselves. The image that was chosen to be used is my mum's favorite and she describes it as typical of us both. Steven has a cheeky smile and I have my hand over his face, looking disinterested. It reminds me of our childhood relationship and the importance of family.'

Photoshoots can sometimes leave you open to scary or funny situations. What's the scariest or funniest situation you've found yourself in on a shoot?

'Shooting can be a good laugh, however I once did a shoot that resulted in me having a stalker! The website I met the photographer on was not very well renowned for its safety and I no longer use it to find work. It's quite funny to look back on but was very scary at the time!'

Photographer - Andy Park,  Taken At - Onyx Studio

We've talked about your start, we've talked about your current work, let's quickly chat about the future. What have you got coming up this year, more of the same? Any special projects? Plus in regards to a more long term plan, where are you hoping your creative journey will take you in the years to come?

'At the end of the year and beginning of next year I have a few tours planned and hope to visit Exeter, London and more with another model. This could lead to more tours all around the country and even to shooting abroad! I have recently finished my degree and am hoping to pursue a career in law or journalism, although I plan to continue modelling part time until I reach my late 30s I hope.'

Photographer - Andy Park

When I speak to photographers I ask about their gear, it's only fair you get to geek out you have any go to items you can't live without?

'Definitely my electronic cigarette!'

Photographer - Andy Park

Now for the shameless self promotion part of the interview...where can people find you and your work?

'My portfolio is where all of my work can be viewed:
I can also be found on Facebook:
Pinterest: @amymariecoco
And Instagram: @amycocomodel'

Photographer - Rob Kitto

I'd like to thank Amy again for taking the time to answer a few questions for me, be sure to check out all the links above for more of her work, as well as the links attached to the images for the other creatives involved in creating them.


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