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Travelling Creative Tuesday - Derek's Studio & Accommodation

As someone within the photography world, travelling somewhere you don't really know is likely to happen at some point. With that in mind, and with a deep love for food....so deep my wife worries I love pizza more than I love her...I came up with 'Travelling Creative Tuesday'. In 'Travelling Creative Tuesday' I, and guest writers will be sharing useful tips and amenities for travelling creatives, be they places to get food, studios, locations, accommodation...if it's useful, or supplies food, we'll be sharing it.

This week Derek (Derek268 on Purpleport) tells you about his studio and accommodation, available in Cornwall.

Main Studio - Window End

Within my area (near St Austell), accommodation is few and far between for models and photographers, usually being the type that caters for standard holiday visitors. I offer affordable facilities for models and photographers, and thereby encourage them to visit this most beautiful part of the UK, and to give our local Photographers the chance to shoot with models they would not normally get the chance to work with.

Main Studio - Backdrop End

The house is a large detached, with a secluded garden (perfect for topping up your tan for shoots, as there are no overlooking neighbours), and off street parking. It has 2 double & 1 single bedroom available to use, a large bathroom with bath and shower etc, which is also available for photo shoots. A further double bedroom is also available for photo shoots, which has good natural light, and decoration of oriental type (see images).

Downstairs Hall

The main studio is 37ft x 14ft with 8ft ceiling, and has a variety of shooting areas (see images). Floor to ceiling windows at one end provide plenty of natural light, with a side window providing extra. There are various lights (strobes/speedlites/continious/beauty dishes/softboxes/grids/modifiers). There is also a variety of props, and floor finishes which can be used to provide a variety of scenarios.


There are other areas that can also be used for shoots, such as large hall area with stairs and landing. A large modern kitchen. An area known as “the tunnel” which is outdoors but with a roof, which is used for Urbex type shoots. The tunnel is 45ft x 10ft with 9.6ft roof, and was originally the drive through to the garage in the rear garden. This has a variety of props suitable for Urbex type shoots, and has reasonable natural light from 4 arched windows along its length, artificial light can be used as it is all under cover and has electrical sockets.

Main Studio - Vinyl Backdrop

The house is situated on the outskirts of a Cornish village, near St Austell. There is a very good Chinese Takeaway, 1 Pub, and a Spar shop. There are no McDonalds or similar, unless you drive into St Austell which is about 7 miles away. There is a lot of secluded country side within easy walking distance of the house, and a number of old structures left over from the days of the clay mining activities. These now make interesting back drops for photoshoots, nude if you are discreet (as is with most places, you get the occasional dog walker in certain parts, and nobody at all in others). There is also a beach around 20/30 minute drive away, depending on traffic.

Bathroom - Shower End

To get to the house, it is about 1.5 miles off the A30, just passed the village of Bugle. If you are coming by coach or train, I can collect you, for a small £5 charge.

Main Studio - Red Backdrop

The accommodation and studio is available through out the year, but is not for holiday accommodation, it is for people serious about making art. Models who wish to stay it will cost you 1 hour 'TF' shoot per night.

Main Studio

Studio hire cost is £12 per 2 hours or £20 per 4 hours, but it must be booked, as many local models and photographers use the studio facilities.

Main Studio - Alternate Backdrop

I'll finish by giving you a little information about me. I am a retired engineer, who has been a keen amateur photographer for many years. I am a vegetarian, but will cater for carnivores. I am what others call a good cook, although if you want to do your own cooking, I am happy to let you.

Rear Of Garden

I hope the above has tempted you to visit, and if you require further information, you can contact me on Purpleport.

I'd like to thank Derek for taking the time to share some information about his studio and accomodation facilities. Be sure to check out his Purpleport page for more images created within his studio.


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