Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Raging Ranter - The Cancerous Actions Of Some Photographers

As seems to be par for the course of late, I find myself ranting at you again... It's not my fault, my wife, who I normally rant at, is both fed up of hearing it, and fast asleep due to the wonder that is Fibromyalgia ('Proof Reading Wife' here....my apologies ha!).

In recent weeks a "celebrity" who is famous because, how shall I put this, their sister played with a gentleman's sausage and the tape was "leaked" (PRW - he's not really slut shaming, he just gets a teeny bit worked up now and again!), released a calendar. A calendar shot by a notorious sexual predator with a penchant for livestock (I haven't named them, I can't be sued right?). Whilst I have defended said "celebrity", and their family, in the past, and, admittedly, I am impressed with the fortune amassed from one crappy homemade porno (not that I've seen it.....), the recent events, in my mind, are indefensible.

The "photographer" who shot the calendar has, over many, many years, had more accusations of sexual assault and/or improper conduct made against them than Bill Cosby (too soon? Ok then, whichever part of our childhood is ruined this week!). The difference? Our childhood tv icons are actually been investigated and brought to justice where warranted. This "photographer", and I use the term loosely, seems to wriggle out of it time and time again, because the model's careers are obliterated by the "photographer's" pals. This makes the accusations seem like the rantings of a bitter reject, rather than what they are, the account of a victim.

Said "celebrity", having shot with the "photographer", other celebrities the "photographer" has and will shoot with, and the companies that call the "photographer" an 'artistic genius', are not only fueling this behaviour, but they're giving the impression to the public that this behaviour is acceptable within the artistic world...by the way, just in case you're unsure, it is not! Whilst this itself is both wrong and rage inducing, this lack of accountability, putting it down to 'the artistic process' or 'the soul of an artist', is also extremely dangerous. This widely publicised notion that 'it's ok because they're an artist' will, and has, lead to others trying it.

If you look at any model photography forum, Facebook group, hell some interviews here on my blog, not only does this shit happen, but it seems to be increasing in frequency. You see countless screen grabs of messages sent by photographers to models, messages that make 50 Shades look like The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Then there's the shit that has actually happened on shoots!

As long as high profile people such as the earlier mentioned "photographer" continue to get away with their cancerous actions, and as long as celebrities condone the behaviour by gushing about 'artistic process' and 'artistic temperament', it will continue to happen.

People emulate "celebrities" after all, even when shits illegal.....


  1. It's a problem with society where the search and hunger for fame trumps everything - shit that people in the past would never have put up with is rife nowadays and as you say people are too worried to do anything incase it nukes their "career"

    1. Trouble is, with certain people, like the "photographer" who shall not be named, it does indeed nuke people's careers, purely because he's careful who he picks.