Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Travelling Creative Tuesday - Rubber Bands

As someone within the photography world, travelling somewhere you don't really know is likely to happen at some point. With that in mind, and with a deep love for food...so deep my wife worries I love pizza more than I love her...I came up with 'Travelling Creative Tuesday'. In 'Travelling Creative Tuesday' I, and guest writers will be sharing useful tips and amenities for travelling creatives, be they places to get food, studios, locations, accommodation, supplies...if it's useful, or sells food, we'll be sharing it.

Whilst watching my wife chew merrily on a rubber band the other day (don't worry, it's just one of the quirks that made me marry her!) I started pondering the many, many uses the unassuming little beggars have. More often than not, when out and about shooting, your stuff just will not behave. Things will roll around, small stuff will hide in your bag, bits will need attaching to other bits...you get the idea.

After extensively researching things designed to tie stuff together, ok having grabbed the closest thing to hand one time (can you imagine how boring researching that would be!), I always have rubber bands in my camera bag, and on my wrist.

Rubber bands, I have found, solved most issues I have ever come across....even keeping my wife happy and quiet while she chomps away (she prefers the taste of purple ones). Forever losing track of my batteries, I was often only able to find three when needing four, now I have them bunched in fours. My memory card holder, whilst great for keeping my memory cards together, kept sliding around my bag, now it's 'bungee'd' to the internal zip. As I am poor by circumstance and tight by birth (I'm from Yorkshire), I've yet to spend money on stuff like bounce cards. Because of this I often use scraps of paper or cardboard, and I've found rubber bands hold them onto my speedlight quite nicely.

I'll leave it at that otherwise it'll just descend into 'you can use them for this, and this, oh and this'. What I'm trying to get across is, rubber bands, elastic bands, gum bands, lacky bands, call them what you will, those little rings of...well rubber, are useful little thingamabobs to have with you when shooting.


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