Tuesday, 9 August 2016

My Old Toy Photos...See, I Told You I'm Geeky

Whilst looking through my Flickr feed, sorting it into various albums, I came across my old toy photos. It dawned on me as I did this that I've never, for whatever reason, shared them on my blog. I thought it'd be fun, or embarrassing to rectify this and share some of them now. If memory serves...I say memory...according to Flickr's exif data on my images, the newest from this set was taking in 2014, so they're all fairly old now.

Whilst most of them are probably well known characters, I'll caption each just in case, a) you don't know who it is, and b) you're interested in who it is.

Angel Bob from the Doctor Who episodes The Time Of Angels and Flesh & Stone

Iron-Man - Heroic Age Bleeding Edge if you want to get specific

Spectra Vondergeist from the Monster High cartoons

Jason Voorhees - if memory serves, it's the Freddy Vs Jason version

Master Chief from the Halo games - Halo 2 version if memory serves

Spider-Man - The Amazing Spider-Man 2 version - this is actually a recreation of a poster I saw

Background Hulk (some kiddy version) and a generic Lego standing in for Bruce Banner (the body is actually female, hence the vial placement)

Donatello - not from the proper cartoon but the figure design ain't too bad


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