Friday, 24 June 2016

Foto Inspiration Friday - Stephen Lynch

Welcome to 'Foto Inspiration Friday', the series in which I not only use a rarely used alternate spelling of photo for the sake of alliteration, but I share with you anything and everything I find inspirational, be it a person, an image, a song, a quote, a place, a pizza...ok, maybe not a pizza but you get the point.

Having polished off a Papa John's pizza prior to writing this post, it was very nearly the week that included the pizza mentioned in my above intro, or cheesy jalapeno bites, my god those things are good! Anyway, sense somewhat returned and I decided to share a person with you instead...that person is Stephen Lynch.

This post is quite possibly a risky one. Not because it shares my political views, my religious views, my views on capital punishment etc. All of which is a no-no in blogging/marketing I believe. It's risky because it shows how utterly immature I can be at times.

If you're reading this scratching your head trying to work out who Stephen Lynch is, allow me to explain. Stephen is a comedic musician...he's also a former Tony Award nominated Broadway star but that's not the point here, the reason he's on 'Foto Inspiration Friday' is because of his comedy music prowess.

Often when I'm working on stuff I need some form of noise in the background, it's something I picked up when I worked in a warehouse...mind you, that was to drown out the noise of ar...anyway...

If I'm having a particularly stressful time of it, if writing my blog post is a nightmare, or my photo editing just won't go how I want it etc, my 'go to' musician is Stephen. His songs mocking daily life and popular culture (Wiki's words but they some it up well) are awesome, and always make me laugh. If my wife is down I can usually garner a smile by simply uttering one word, the name of one of Stephen's songs, Beelz (I had to link it!).

If my Amazon Prime Music was a CD, or MiniDisc (be honest, did you have to Google?) it would have crapped out by now, what with the amount I played Stephen's music the week I found he was on there. I realise he won't be for everyone, but if you like music and comedy I suggest you give him a try...if you don't like music and comedy, I'm a little worried you're a cyborg and the story from Terminator is happening!


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