Friday, 10 June 2016

Foto Inspiration Friday - Purpleport

Welcome to 'Foto Inspiration Friday', the series in which I not only use a rarely used alternate spelling of photo for the sake of alliteration, but I share with you anything and everything I find inspirational, be it a person, an image, a song, a quote, a place, a pizza...ok, maybe not a pizza but you get the point. The focus of this weeks 'Foto Inspiration Friday' is Purpleport.

I'm a little ashamed that it's only just dawned on me today to share this site, especially considering the majority of my interviewees so far for 'Where When How Wednesday' have come from Purpleport.

Purpleport is a networking site for visual creatives, be they photographer, designer, hair stylist, make-up artist, model, Photoshop whiz, studio etc. It's a place to share your works, meet people who share your passion, and arrange photo/video shoots.

As a visual creative networking is important and Purpleport is a great place to do it. The other members are generally very friendly (I'm not gonna lie, you get the occasional d**k, but they're everywhere), the layout is easy to navigate and is customisable, they run daily competitions to fuel your creativity, and if you're not one who is keen on paying membership fees, you get a lot of features as a free member compared to other sites I am on.


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