Friday, 27 May 2016

Foto Inspiration Friday - Amazon Prime Music

Welcome to 'Foto Inspiration Friday', the series in which I not only use a rarely used alternate spelling of photo for the sake of alliteration, but I share with you anything and everything I find inspirational, be it a person, an image, a song, a quote, a place, a pizza...ok, maybe not a pizza but you get the point. The focus of this weeks 'Foto Inspiration Friday' is Amazon Prime Music...well, your music streaming service of choice!

Whilst I'm not a fan of the delivery side of their service...I could do a whole series on Amazon Logistics poor service...I have always being a fan of other aspects of Amazon, such as their selection, their Amazon Prime Video service and most recently, the Amazon Prime Music service.

Like a lot of creatives I find music can be a source of inspiration and Amazon Prime Music has a lot to offer, all of which is 'free' to prime members...if you ignore the membership fee to be a Prime member. They have a vast selection, including the modern stuff most of which I don't listen to, the 'alt' stuff I listened to as a teen, show tunes, movie soundtracks, loads of Beatles, Stephen Lynch (very funny man, can be hard to find in the UK, check him out!), classic rock, if you're into getting ridiculed Nickelback, and much much more!

In future posts I'll no doubt get into specific songs I find inspirational, for now I just wanted to share the fact that I find music in general inspirational , and where I listen to it.

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