Saturday, 16 April 2016

Local Landscape Location Scouting Failure...ish!

I haven't been out shooting in some time, life and the British weather always found a way to put a damper on it. The other day however I joined my dad and remember Max, the little bundle of fur in this post...on Max's walk to see if I could scout some locations to shoot some landscape photos.

I'll be honest, the first part of the walk I was a little distracted by Max, he has a way of commanding attention...a combination of clumsiness and cuteness. As you can see in this snap shot...which got me in trouble with the missus when I both technically, and artistically ripped to shreds...Max plays up his cuteness when he has an audience.

When he doesn't realise he has an audience however, he can be quite a calm young man as you can see in this candid, 'street' photography type shot...I've never done street photography, anxieties and all that, but I'm calling photographing a daft dog and camera shy human without them noticing a 'street' photography win for me!

Now in this post, very much as I did after that shot, I shall get onto the topic of location scouting. Throughout the rest of Max's walk I kept looking through my viewfinder, desperately hoping I could find some beautiful shot I could go back and take when I didn't have 20 some kilo of dog who'd potentially run through my tripod...I found nothing! Actually, saying I found nothing is not strictly true, I found a couple of spots that had potential. The only issue, I'd have to go in with a skip before hand and remove washers, ovens, fridges, stoves and who knows what else...or shoot it as some sort of social commentary, which is not something I'm looking to do at the minute. I just want to shoot some pretty landscapes!

Whilst in the respect of a location scouting trip it was a big failure, I'm taking my outing as somewhat of a win...I got out and about with my camera for the first time in a while after all. I'm also hoping it's the start of me being able to get out to shoot on a more regular basis...fingers crossed!


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