Monday, 18 January 2016

Max...Ooh, That Camera Looks Tasty

Back in December my father lost his dog Emma to cancer. After it happened, despite some reservations, he couldn't really imagine life without a dog. Because of this he found Max, a German/Dutch Shepherd cross. When he picked Max up he was around 11 weeks old, and quite a timid little fella...he's nothing like that now!

When Emma was with us not many pictures of her were taken. Sometimes, as daft as it sounds, you don't think about these things at the time do you. With Max my wife and I don't want this to be the case, we want to make sure I get plenty of pictures for my father...hence this post, and probably future posts featuring Max.

After the little bugger...oh yeah, he's a bugger now...warmed up to me, I introduced him to my camera, and he tried to eat it. I've always found it's best showing them the camera first, get them used to it rather than just shoving it in their face, never had one try eat it mind. The following images are the result of said introduction, when my lens wasn't in his mouth...they were all taken in my father's home, at the time Max wasn't allowed out until he had received his inoculations.


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