Monday, 25 January 2016

Bolton...The Drug Capital Of The North?

I've lived in Bolton now since 2010. In that time I've come to learn a few things including; for the most part it's a damn friendly town, they use 'cock' as a term of endearment, they make great pasties...damn, I want a pasty now! Sadly as I write this it's 2.30am so the pasty shop is shut.

One thing that never crossed my mind however was that drug use would be prevalent, maybe I'm naive! I figured people would smoke weed, I'm not that naive, but I never really expected to have to avoid dirty hypodermic needles whilst out walking the dog. Not just one, but a handful, and not on some dark or dingy side road, but a major carriageway.

I'm not judging anyone who uses drugs of any form, and I don't want things to descend into arguments over the legal and moral implications of drugs. I'm purely posting this to show that no matter how long you've lived somewhere, how well you think you know it, it can always find a way to surprise you.


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