Sunday, 10 January 2016

52 Week Project 2016: Week 01 - Anniversary

This past week marked the start of my 52 Week Project...52 weeks, 52 themes, 52 images.

Normally with this project the entire list is laid out before you start, I however rarely conform to normal. I've come up with the idea, which is probably a terrible idea, to pick a theme randomly each week, possibly with the use of darts. Some weeks the theme won't be random, such as Christmas week, and this past week, the week of my wedding anniversary.

Now, this past week should have been a happy one, what with the back end of Christmas, and my wedding anniversary, however, life is a heartless b***h at times. Early this week my wife's companion dog of many years, Merlin, sadly passed away. As you may recall I recently posted how our families dog Emma also passed away just before Christmas, so as you can imagine, the festive season was not too happy a one for us as a family. They were both quite old, but as I'm sure we all do, none of us expected them to get poorly, nor pass away.

Because of these past few weeks I nearly postponed this first week, I however quickly came to the conclusion that if I did this, I'd probably end up dropping the project before it started. To that end I knocked up a shoot earlier today...

At first glance it may seem a little weird the dead roses behind the card, however, they are the bouquet my wife carried the day we married, the card and the wedding rings are kinda obvious.

Hopefully life, and our luck will pick up soon and I can put more time into my shoots...

The theme for week 2 is: TBC


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