Wednesday, 30 December 2015

52 Week Project 2016

With New Year's Day fast approaching people are making their New Years resolutions. Vowing to get fit, save money, cut back on alcohol, eat less chocolate etc...a smorgasbord of resolutions, most of which will be dropped by February.

With that said, this year, for the first time in my 29 years of existence...holy crap! I'm 29! how did that happen?...I've decided to make one, kinda...

I don't get the chance to shoot as often as I would like, I'd shoot every day if I could, but you know, life! In an effort to combat this and get me shooting more I've decided to attempt the 52 Week Project. Each week, starting Monday 04th January, I'll be trying to create an image based on a set theme, or word, or colour, and I'll post the results whether they be good or crap. Unlike most 52 week projects my theme will be selected, at random, the start of each week.

If all goes well I'll post my image each Sunday and announce the following weeks theme. If things go a little awry, as let's face it happens all too often in life, I'll do my best to get back on track.

As it's it my wedding anniversary on Friday 08th January, my first theme shall be ANNIVERSARY...


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