Thursday, 1 October 2015

Lack Of Blog This Week...I'm Hopped Up On Pain Meds

You may have noticed a lack of posts this week. Truth is, I tried writing one the other day, but when I read it back, it was jibberish...thank you pain meds!

The reason for my absence, if you haven't seen my Facebook or Twitter, my knee crapped out on me on Monday. I was standing on one leg (as you do) sorting some bits, got knocked, heard an almighty pop, then had a meeting with the floor. Since then I've found myself in a knee brace, and hopped up on pain meds. I've never really needed pain meds in the past, so I'm a light weight when it comes to them. Most of the time since my incident I've found the world moving not quite right, fun, but not quite right...this has made going out shooting, photographing products for review, and writing posts, very difficult...hence my absence.

Anyway, the pain is becoming more manageable now, granted I need to rest my knee for a few weeks, but I can shoot and write again now...hopefully!


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