Saturday, 10 October 2015

I Am Finally Writing & Shooting Again

I just wanted to post a little update, show I'm still around and explain what's going on...

Although my knee is still giving me problems (it dislocated a little bit the other week), I'm not on the strong pain killers now, this means I can type and shoot again...yay! Over the coming days, or week, or possibly weeks, I'll be writing reviews of; an Amazon Basics DSLR backpack, a third party battery grip, a third party speedlight, third party ND filters. As you can see, I like trying third party products. After all third party versions often cost less than half the price of the 'named' versions but work very well, sometimes as well as the named version, sometimes better. As well as the third party camera accessories, I'll be reviewing some named camera gear in the form of the Nikon 35mm and 50mm F/1.8 primes. As well as the camera gear reviews I will also be writing some 'geeky' reviews, reviews of stuff like action figures, iPad games, films and the like.

As well as all the reviews I am currently/planning on writing I'm hoping to get out shooting, so I'll be posting some of my shots, and sharing a little information about how I got them. I may also share some of my older shots, depending on my level of embarrassment over them.

I think that pretty much covers what I have planned. I should imagine some weird and wonderful ideas will randomly reveal themselves to me, and they'll end up on my blog at some point. Anyway, as I mentioned at the start I just wanted to say, I'm still around and I am currently creating content.


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