Friday, 25 September 2015

Body Shaming...I Don't Get It!?

This is a weird post for me, not necessarily because of the subject matter, but because of what brought it about. The other day whilst browsing the Daily Mail website (I know...don't judge me!) there was an article about Kylie Jenner, she was in a swimsuit, I think that was pretty much the crux of the article. Anyway, in the comments section for the article was countless comments body shaming her, and/or accusing her of photoshopping the image. Up to now I've never really had strong feelings about the Kardashian/Jenner clan one way or the other...I've never seen Kim's 'video', I've never followed them on social media, I've only recently seen some of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'. Basically, I know they exist and are successful in their own way, to which I think fair play to them. Despite my indifference towards the family, when I read the disrespectful, offensive comments, often by people over twice her age, it troubled me.

This problem isn't exclusive to the Kardashian/Jenner's. Countless celebrities go through it, many models on the networking sites I am part of go through it, and many 'normal' people also go through it. It just so happened to be the Kylie Jenner article that made me wonder (I'm often oblivious, but occasionally, I have a brainwave!)...why do you do it? What do you get from it?

When I was younger I went through a chubby phase, I was bullied because of it, even by members of my own family. Still now, at a relatively average build, I dislike my appearance...chances are I could look like Dwayne Johnson and still not be happy. If we're honest I think everyone has something they dislike about themselves, and chances are we've all had something said about our appearance that has hurt us. Now, this may make me naive, but I can't understand why people would actively perpetuate this behaviour. Why, when you've been hurt yourself, would you actively try hurt someone else the same way? How would you feel if that person then went on to hurt your son, daughter or partner in the way you hurt them, using the excuse 'well it happened to me'? Then there's the cases where the comments cut someone so deeply that they hurt themselves...would/do you feel responsible for the outcome your actions have caused? Again, if someone had made the comments to your son, daughter, or partner and they hurt themselves, would you blame the person all the while not seeing an issue when you do it?

Life is a hard enough thing to navigate as it is. What with job troubles, money troubles, health problems etc, it's a minefield of stuff all designed to break us. Why, instead of banding together and helping each other out for the short time we're here, must we try cut each other down for 10 seconds of self gratification. It sounds cheesy but at the end of the day, everyone is beautiful, and everyone's a bona fide miracle...seriously, the odds of you being born were something like 1 in 10 to the power of 2,685,000.


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Rescued Film Project

When I was a nipper shooting digital wasn't an option. All the cameras my family had were film...thinking about it, my generation was quite possibly the last generation to shoot film without it being a gimmick. Hell, we're probably responsible for it's I feel bad!!!


Because of my use of film photography as a child, I will always have a place for it in my heart...or proper photography as I call it to most peoples amusement (over time you will come to realise I am old beyond my years!).

Another interest I have is World War 2. I have always found the camaraderie, the resilience, and the courage of all involved an inspiration...we can all learn a lot from them.

I am almost to the point of the post, I promise...

An Idaho based photographer, Levi Bettwieser, as part of his Rescued Film Project recently (I say recently, I recently came across an article on PetaPixel so it may not be that recent) found and developed 31 rolls of undeveloped film shot by a soldier in WWII. The result of Mr Bettwieser's hard work...a collection of stunning images that show parts of WWII from a soldier's point of view.

The Rescued Film Project isn't just about pictures from WWII, it's an online archive of many images captured on film throughout the years. I highly recommend you head over and have a look, there's lot's of great images!


Saturday, 19 September 2015

Emma...The Slightly Unwilling Model

A few week back I had a shoot with the most uncooperative model I have ever worked with. No matter how polite, exact, or rewarding I was when instructing her, all she wanted to do was roll on her back or lick my face...I guess I should have mentioned sooner, she's a dog, my grandma Annie's dog to be exact.

I'll be honest, I'd tried photographing her before for my gran so knew she'd be difficult going into it, however, I'd got the Nikon Nikkor 50mm F/1.8G AF-S for my birthday and wanted to take it for a spin. I realise most people would probably shoot some 'standard' portraits to test it out, using the shallow depth of field to create some amazing Bokeh, however...I'm a wimp. I really want to photograph people, create those beautiful images you see on the likes of Flickr and 500px, the trouble is, people make me nervous, they always have. I know, grow a pair right! Until my confidence grows (admittedly one 'proper' shoot would probably help, it's just having the confidence for that), or I take up alcoholism to counter my nerves, pet portraiture is as close as I get for now...all the fun of portraiture but with less human interaction. Don't get me wrong, I love doing pet portraits and will always do them...local to me? Want some shots of your pet? Drop me a message! If it's a spider, I will require compensation for adult diapers!

Anyway, long story not quite so long...she was a pain in the backside, however, it was fun and I got some cute shots.


Thursday, 17 September 2015

Blog 2.0 - Hello! Bonjour! Gutan tag! Ciao! hola! Hey there, hi there, ho there!

Before I start with the obligatory, but potentially somewhat boring (I'll try not to be!) opening post that waffles about the blog's future, I would just like to say...thanks for popping by this little ole blog of mine! 


Allow myself to introduce...myself (get the reference?), my name is Ian Guffogg. I'm a few things; I'm a husband, I'm a carer, I'm quite lazy (actually, I'm not lazy, I'm just economical with my energy usage), I'm somewhat greedy (my profile picture was taken in a Burger King!), I'm a photographer, and I'm a geek!

For about eight months last year I somewhat successfully ran a blog 'Cleverly Disguised As A Responsible Adult'. It featured many things I love; action figures, movies, food, photography, and all kinds of geekery. Despite the fact I enjoyed writing my blog, and it received quite a positive reception, I was never 100% happy with it. Having spent quite some time tinkering with it trying to get it how I want it, I am still not happy with it. Because of this I have come to the only logical conclusion one can make...send in a tactical nuke and start again!

This blog, the blog that has arisen from the ashes like a Phoenix will be a plethora of photography and geekyness, it will be my previous blog but better, it will be what I wanted my previous blog to's a blog 2.0 if you will.

Rather than running the risk of boring you to the point where you don't return, it's about time I wrap up this here first post then the real nonsense can begin...

If you are following me on my blogging journey, thank you for your support! If you are a manufacturer of some sort of photographic equipment or geekery and would like to help me out by providing products to review, please get in touch (you've gotta try haven't you?). Also, please feel free to leave me comments on any of my posts, or if you want to natter about anything photography or geeky, links to my Facebook and Twitter can be found at the end of all my posts and on the contact page.


P.S. It may take me a short while to gain traction and start posting with a set schedule, please bear with me.

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