Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Rescued Film Project

When I was a nipper shooting digital wasn't an option. All the cameras my family had were film...thinking about it, my generation was quite possibly the last generation to shoot film without it being a gimmick. Hell, we're probably responsible for it's downfall...now I feel bad!!!


Because of my use of film photography as a child, I will always have a place for it in my heart...or proper photography as I call it to most peoples amusement (over time you will come to realise I am old beyond my years!).

Another interest I have is World War 2. I have always found the camaraderie, the resilience, and the courage of all involved an inspiration...we can all learn a lot from them.

I am almost to the point of the post, I promise...

An Idaho based photographer, Levi Bettwieser, as part of his Rescued Film Project recently (I say recently, I recently came across an article on PetaPixel so it may not be that recent) found and developed 31 rolls of undeveloped film shot by a soldier in WWII. The result of Mr Bettwieser's hard work...a collection of stunning images that show parts of WWII from a soldier's point of view.

The Rescued Film Project isn't just about pictures from WWII, it's an online archive of many images captured on film throughout the years. I highly recommend you head over and have a look, there's lot's of great images!


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